Turn Your Junk Drawer into an Organized Spot for Your Every-day Items.

Spring is her, which means it's time to start doing your spring cleaning. Your junk drawer is a great place to start, as it houses a number of things you can toss out to create more space. Here are nine ways to declutter and organize your junk drawer. 

  1. Empty Your Junk Drawer - Dump it out on the table or floor and take a good look at the assortment of items that have been hiding out for some time.

  2. Sort Through Your Junk Drawer - Pick out each item that has been living in this space and discard it if it hasn’t been used in the past month. 
  3. Salvage Useful Items from Your Junk Drawer - Make a pile of the things you know you’ll use before throwing out the things you don’t need. 

  4. Donate Handy Discoveries from Your Junk Drawer - Give away the items that are in good shape but you no longer need. 

  5. Clean Out Your Junk Drawer - Wash out the inside with a wet cloth and allow it to dry while you start thinking about how to store your belongings in your drawer neatly. 

  6. Give Your Junk Drawer a Purpose - Consider the different functions you can adopt for your new drawer once you think of one or two reasons to keep it around. 

  7. Create Order in Your Junk Drawer - Invest in dividers or small containers if you need to use your drawer for more than one type of item as a way of having a tidy place to stow lots of different belongings. 

  8. Restock Your Junk Drawer - Give each important item a special spot in your renovated drawer and always put your things back where they belong.

  9. Maintain Your Junk Drawer - Make this laborious process worth it by maximizing the new organization in your drawer from here on out to save yourself the trouble next year. 

If you're seeking additional ways to declutter and organize your home, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me!