Should You Hang Your TV Over the Fireplace?

To hang or not to hang the TV over the fireplace, that is the burning question!  There have been plenty of arguments about whether or not to hang the TVs over the fireplace, and at this time of year you may be facing that dilemma yourself.  A fireplace is typically the focal point of the room.  So it makes sense to want your TV in the same spot. Hanging the TV also means leaving floor space open for other pieces of furniture or just to keep the space feeling more open.  Here's a quick look at the pros and cons of booting that mirror or painting and elevating your TV to the place of honor over the fireplace.
Space Saving

One of the biggest pros to hanging your TV over the fireplace is the space you save. The rest of your walls can now be used to hang photos and artwork. Since both the fireplace and the TV are focal points in your living room, putting them together will create one center for the room.  It will make it easier to arrange your furniture, since you won't have to decide whether the TV or the fireplace is the focal point. 

The look of a TV mounted above a fireplace is aesthetically pleasing to many people and makes the room look cleaner, more modern and less fussy. The simplicity of having your TV matched with your fireplace will help create cohesiveness and won’t make the TV a distraction or take away from the fireplace. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the fireplace and the TV, helping to make the room appear larger.  If you really don't want the look of the TV above the fireplace, there are new models that will allow you to use the screen as a painting or print (or even your favorite photograph) when you aren't watching the television.
Height Issues

When you place your TV over your fireplace, it will sit higher than you're used to, and that can make it uncomfortable to watch your favorite shows and movies. Make sure to measure everything before mounting your TV so you won’t regret your decision later on. If you don’t feel as though you will be comfortable with the height of the TV above the fireplace, then think about another place where the TV will work for your floorplan and furniture layout.  If your home isn't already wired for hanging a TV over the fireplace, be sure to hire a professional to come in to run the wiring so it won't show, and to mount the TV to the wall.
Heat Damage

The heat that comes from the fireplace can damage your TV. You will need to figure out the exact temperature in the spot where you plan to mount the TV and be sure you insulate your chimney correctly. Calcium silicate plates will help you avoid this problem. But without proper protection, you can melt the entire bottom of the TV.  Be sure to plan ahead to avoid a meltdown!


Now that you know about the pros and cons of hanging your TV over your fireplace, will you choose to hang it or place it somewhere else in the room?  The choice is yours!