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Preparing Your Home for Sale

Thinking of listing your home?  Be sure to set the stage for success!  Here are some basic tips to follow to help you get the best price for your property:

Boost curb appeal. First impressions are lasting and a good impression will make a buyer want to see more.  Power wash siding and walkways, paint or stain the front door, decks and porches (after power washing), keep the lawn mowed, trim bushes and plant blooming flowers.

Wash all windows, both inside and out.

Give your house a deep cleaning to make it shine! Consider hiring professional cleaners which is easier, quicker and less stressful than doing the cleaning yourself.  Be sure your appliances are clean inside and out, clothes are stored neatly in closets and bathrooms are spotless.

Clear away all clutter. You want your house to look clean, bright and large so you don't want all sorts of bric a brac, overstuffed furniture, stacks of books, ovrflowing shelves, etc. You may have to rent a dumpster or a POD but it is worth the price to have an inviting home - and you'll feel less stressed without all the clutter.

 Beware of pet odors. If you have pets, get all rugs and cloth furniture professionally steam cleaned and be extra vigilant about vacuuming and washing surfaces! Be sure to hide all pet toys, beds and food & water bowls for showings as well.  Not everyone likes pets - and many people are allergic - and you also don't want someone accidentally stepping in Fido's food or Fuzzy's water dish.

Neutralize and de-personalize your home! Do you love bright sunset or neon primary colors?  Buyers most likely won't share the same taste in paint colors.  It may feel boring to you, but you need to paint your walls a neutral color to allow people to envision their furnishings in the house.  This also includes removing wallpaper and borders.  Put your personal items such as family photos, diplomas and trophies away in that POD!  Buyers tend to get distracted by those items and you want them to focus on the house, not on where you went to school or if your kids play basketball.


For more ideas or for information on bringing in a professional to stage your home, give me a call/text or send an email and I will be more than happy to guide you through the process!